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Story Telling Art

“The goal is to share storytelling tools so each culture can speak with their unique voice, sharing the
message on their own terms.”

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.” Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings.
Story telling art is to bring the story alive in front of the audience by using art such as theatre, shadow act, puppet show or simply narrating it by reading aloud with facial expression and body movement.

Why story telling art is important for young children:

– Story telling has been in our culture since many decades back and in fact everyone loves story especially children.

– Telling a story through art not only entertains children, but also provides whole new environment of creative learning method.

– Story telling voluntarily holds student attention.

– Storytelling is currently experiencing a considerable revival of interest. This has led many educators to think about ways in which storytelling can be used to explore important shared themes and visions.

– So why not we use story telling art to enable children to learn and acquire important skills?

– Story Books : Tibetan folk tales and contemporary children books or even Tibetan, Hindi and English text books can be used.

– Narrator : Student will be taught to narrate the story book with punctuations and intonations and read out loud which will help to make the story more interesting.

– Theatre & props : Children will perform during the narration of the story to attract the attention and also gain theatre skills and team building.

– Create a story : A student will create one sentence story and then the next should continue the same till the last student in the group ends the story.

– Story telling club : A group of student age between 9-14 will form a club to organize the event in their respective school.

– To encourage and develop reading habit.

– To provide a space to explore ones creativity and imagination.

– To develop useful skills such as communication, personality development and team work.

– To improve language skills